SGCC 2019 Happenings

Missed attending the event last year? Check out what you missed!

SGCC has played host to countless renowned comic book artists, toy creators, entertainers, cosplayers and other pop culture figures. We listen to our fans and bring in the most exciting personalities to create the ultimate pop culture experience. Check out the guests we hosted at SGCC 2019 below!

Comic/Manga Creators

Illustrators & Toy Designers



Plan Your Route at SGCC

The weekend probably wasn't enough to cover all the exciting activities we had at SGCC2019! Therefore, our fans used our floorplan wisely to plan their routes well and covered all the zones and activities that they loved.

Result ? They had the best weekend of 2019! 

Programme and Autograph Schedule

Fans joined our incredible guests on the Main Stage for live demos, exclusive panels and Q&A sessions alongside other fellow geeks and attended insightful talks and knowledge sharing sessions by SGCC guests and industry professionals at The Creative Space. They also had their items signed by the guests they loved at the guest booths and Autography Alley!

Check out what happened at SGCC 2019.

Get your hands on the latest merchandise

There were tons of limited edition offerings and exclusives only available at SGCC 2019! From all the designer toys to that awesome statue from XM Studios you’ve ever wanted, check out our list of 2019 exhibitors and what they offered!

Artists Alley

We discovered an amazing showcase of work by both professional and amateur artists at the Artist Alley at SGCC 2019. If you love unique trinkets, toys and art, be sure to check the Artist Alley at SGCC 2020 and support your favourite artist! If you are looking for a special one-of-a-kind commissioned piece of art, this is the place to be!


Parents, we gotcha back - Children aged 12 (as of 2019) and below enter SGCC 2019 free of charge* for both days !

Perfect for families looking for activities over the weekend, this will be the ultimate opportunity to introduce your little tykes to the things you love, from Star Wars to tokidoki.

*Must be accompanied by a ticketed adult.

You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy games and GGXP is the place where players of all skill levels (from casual to hardcore) can gather to share their common love for everything gaming. From tabletop to PC to console, we’ve got something for everyone. Cheer on your favourite esports team as they frag their way to glory or just chill out with your friends at our freeplay area. 

PVP Esports @ Singapore Comic Con

As the official esports presenter of SGCC 2019, PVP Esports promised a weekend of all things gaming and esports, including the exhilarating finals of Singtel’s PVP Campus and Corporate Leagues featuring Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Dota 2, global celebrity appearances, panel discussions, developer showcases and exclusive giveaways from Huawei, Secret Lab, Razer and more!

Esports fans got up close with their favourite gaming heroes, influencers and streamers like Topson, midlaner for back-to-back champions OG at Dota 2’s premier competition The International; cosplayer and celebrity streamer Alodia Gosiengfiao, YouTube gaming and comedy sketch channel Viva la Dirt League at PVP @ SGCC. Fans also won an exclusive 1v1 slots to play and learn from Dota 2 legend Ceb himself.

Roll For Initiative

Old school is the new school with the Tabletop experience brought to you by Gamersaurus Rex ! Fans explore miniature tablescapes and battlefields laden with a myriad of terrain features where players enacted battles between opposing forces using beautiful hand painted miniature models.

Some of the games that were featured at SGCC 2019 included tournaments both for Warhammer 40,000 and A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game. Fans also tried their hand at painting these figurines which they took home as memorabilia. Role-Playing Adventure Game freshies didn't have to worry as Dungeons & Dragons sessions for beginners were hosted, letting them learn as they played !

Play! Pokémon

Pokémon trainers gathered at the Pokémon Trading Card Game Special Event Championship and the Pokémon Video Game Open (via Nintendo 3DS) at the Comic Con Pokémon Special Event, by Maxsoft and Project EXT at SGCC 2019. Masters earned up to 200 Championship points - one of the largest pay-out in the Pokémon Championship circuit! 

Pop Culture Stickers 2019 for WhatsApp & Telegram

Download these Singapore Comic Con x Milkcananime Pop Culture stickers and spam them on your WhatsApp and Telegram chats now ! Available on both iPhone and Android.

Championships of Cosplay

Working on a detailed costume that you can’t wait to flaunt? Great news – we’re giving you an opportunity to showcase your hard work on our main stage!

Shortlisted participants will stand a chance to win attractive cash prizes! What’s more, the champion wins a sponsored trip to represent SGCC in the grand finals at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) to battle it out with other countries’ representatives!

Did you manage to chope a spot at the main stage audience area on 8 Dec to check out the awesome cosplay works?

* Looking for opportunities to build your brand name amongst our fans and support talent while you're at it? We have the sponsorship opportunity just for you!

Contact us to discuss about the endless possibilities to achieving your business objectives.

Work In Progress programme

Do you have an idea for a comic that would put Watchmen to shame? Or maybe you lie awake at night, dreaming up page layouts that would finally elevate comics to the level of “serious art”? Well, time to stop dreaming and make your comic a reality!

The Work In Progress (WIP) programme is a new initiative by Singapore Comic Con aimed at helping aspiring creators get published. Working together with Asiapac Books, Shogakukan Asia and Vividthree + Darkbox Studio, we want to help you get your comic out of your head and into the world. Our committee of publishers will vet through all submissions and provide review notes. If your proposal makes the cut, they’ll meet up with you during SGCC for more in-depth talks.

A wise Jedi once said, “Do, or do not. There is no try.” So, here's your chance to do!

Submission for WIP 2019 has closed. Do look out for the update on SGCC 2020 WIP's application here and on our social pages!

Join The Heist!

Are you curious, observant and intuitive? Do you enjoy puzzles, riddles and adventure?

If so, Crime Halting Investigation Methods Espionage & Reconnaissance Agency (C.H.I.M.E.R.A) needs you! We are urgently recruiting new Agents to pursue our nemesis, the Red Hand Bandit and his troupe, who are once again up to no good at Singapore Comic Con 2019.

To start your journey, grab a copy of the programme guide at the show. 

FAN-tastic Communities

Fans are the arc reactor of comic cons, and you know we love you 3000.  That’s why we want to give you fans an opportunity to show your passion, spread the love and grow your fandom’s community.

Think you have a creative way to engage other fans? Get schwifty and SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT!

Application for 2019 is now closed. Do look out for the update on SGCC 2020 Fan Community booth application here and on our social pages!