Security Check Policy

Why conduct security checks

As part of keeping our show safe for our Fans, Exhibitors & Guests, SGCC is implementing Security Checks which include Bag Checks & Body Scans for all visitors to the show.

When & Where

The check points will be located prior to entry to the exhibition areas. Visitors who leave the exhibition area and return will also be required to go through security checks again.

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. Prior to visiting us you are advised to review the following:

  • General Behaviour Guidelines
  • Costumes, Weapons & Props Policy

Should you have any queries, please contact or approach us at the Exhibitor Service Centre (ESC) during the show hours.

Costumes, Weapons & Props Policy

  • No Sharp Objects

Anything sharp or pointy is not allowed on the show floor (e.g. arrow tips, bioshock syringes, wolverine claws, etc) – do make sure they are all soft or blunt. Replica metal-edged weapons (e.g. swords, blades, daggers, throwing weapons and so on) of any length are not allowed at the event, even if the cutting edges are blunt.

  • No Functional Projectiles

Prop arrows must have soft, non-metal and blunted tips only. All props that are able to discharge a projectile should be made safe. This includes bows and crossbows (bow strings should be unstrung, or untightened and loose). Nerf guns should be unloaded and batteries should be removed.

  • No Real Firearms and No Firing Replica Firearms
    • Firearms should only be toy replicas (non-firing and not of real size), or made up of foam or cardboard like material – no bladed weapons, metal, wood, fibreglass, glass, PVC or any other firearms of any kind including air guns.  
    • Prop firearm must have a fluorescent tip or a bright coloured cap to indicate that it is not functional.
    • If you are bringing any replica weapons to the event, we ask that you remain mindful and transport them to and from the event in a covered bag, e.g. rifle bag for replica firearms or cloth sheath for swords. Only take them out when you are in the event area.
  • No Explosives / Chemicals

Fireworks, mace, laser pointers, pepper sprays or any sort of biohazard weapons are strictly prohibited.

  • Costumes
    • There are no restrictions on the genre of costumes that can be worn in the event area.
    • If your costume is military, para-military, or law-enforcement themed, we ask that you remain mindful at all times on how the public may perceive such costumes when they are worn in public. Please clearly make an indication or feature on the costume that would indicate that it is a costume and not a real uniform. This also applies to any costumes that are from, but not limited to, comics, movies, anime, games and manga.
    • If your costume has elements that hide your facial features, you may be asked to remove the feature at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, such items as masks, helmets and bandanas.
    • If your costume is out-sized or has features that protrude excessively, we ask that you take extra care while moving around so as to avoid hitting other attendees or booth structures.
    • The event staff reserves the right to request attendees to change out of costumes that are deemed inappropriate. Examples of inappropriate costumes include ones that publicly expose any parts of genitalia, or overly expose buttocks or breasts; or make cause for public alarm (e.g. a terrorist suicide bomber outfit).

General Behaviour Guidelines

  • Any sharp objects or items considered a threat to public safety will be confiscated. All fans are advised not to bring such items with them to the show.

  • At no time should any bag be left unattended. The event staff reserves the right to search and remove any bags left unattended.
  • When travelling to, or leaving the event area, you are reminded to keep your replica weapons, if any, covered for transport. Do not carry weapons outside of the event area openly to avoid alarming the public.

  • Ensure that props are wrapped or covered up before heading out to the public. Props can cause public alarm if not handled properly.

  • The premises’ management and transport facilities may deny your entry pending your costume (e.g. cosplayers wearing masks). Please do not wear masks on public transport or at non-event venues. You are advised to only wear your costume when you arrive at the show venue.

  • Be mindful and avoid wearing controversial costumes in non-event locations as it may cause public alarm.

  • Kindly exercise caution and do not directly point your prop(s) at anyone.

  • Cosplayers must stick to their gender stated in their IDs  and not the gender they are cosplaying when visiting the restrooms.

  • Attendees should not engage in poses that are obscene, aggressively hostile or make cause for public alarm.

  • When walking around with replica weapons, please do not carry them in an aggressive manner, e.g. shouldering rifles, fingers inside trigger guards, swords raised in striking positions, etc. Please carry replica firearms with your fingers away from the trigger and pointed downwards. Weapons should be sheathed.

  • If attendees wish to present their weapon aggressively, we ask that you only do so when posing for a photo.

  • The event staff reserves the right to ask any attendee to leave the event area due to inappropriate behavior. Examples of inappropriate behavior include, but are not limited to, harassment and hostile behavior. Remember, cosplay is not consent.

*SGCC shall have the sole discretion in any matter that it believes may affect public safety or is important to protect the integrity of the event.