Your yearlong training is finally over. It is now time to show us what forbidden secret techniques you have mastered.

We want you to send in your best pitch for a comic. Our committee of publishers will review it and provide you with invaluable feedback notes. If your proposal is of high interest, they might even want to meet up with you at SGCC for more in-depth talks!

You will have till 28 September 2020 to submit your proposals. Time to get cracking!

Participating Publishers in WIP 2020

& more to come.


  • Download and complete the “WIP2020 Entry Form”.
    • Each collaborator must complete an individual Entry Form.
  • Email your “WIP2020 Entry Form(s)” and Proposal to with the subject line “WIP2020 Submission”.
  • All proposals must include the following: 
    The following needs to be compiled into a single PDF file no more than 10MB. Label the PDF file with the title of your story.
  1.  A one page synopsis of your overall story
    • Title of work
    • Introduction to major characters
    • Include major plot points & spoilers
    • Format: graphic novel, limited series or on-going series
  2.  3-5 pages of fully inked and lettered sequential pages
    • Black & white or full colour 
    • A5 size or larger 
    • 300DPI or higher resolution
  3.  A mock-up cover for your comic
    • Black & white or full colour 
    • A5 size or larger 
    • 300DPI or higher resolution
  • All content within your proposal must be creator-owned.
  • All submissions must include accompanying art.
  • All submissions must be in the English language.
  • Any discussions of ownership of intellectual property will be between the creator(s) and interested publishers.

All proposals must be received by 28 September 2020:

For further enquiries, email with the subject line “WIP2020 Enquiry”.


“Does my comic have to be about superheroes?”

No. The only limitation is your imagination! So feel free to submit your YA/noir/romance comic.


“Are you open to mature content or topics like LGBTQ?”

Yes. Even though one publisher might not put out mature content, another might be interested.


“I live outside of Singapore, am I eligible to submit?”

Yes. All submissions are welcome, although a physical meet-up at SGCC might not be possible if you are not in Singapore at that time.


Is there an age restriction?”

No. There is no minimum age to submit to the WIP Programme. If you are of the younger age group, this is a great opportunity to get valuable feedback from industry professionals.


Can I work with other creators?”

Yes. Feel free to work with writer or artist friends. There is no limit to how many participants there can be for a submission.


Does the artwork have to be traditional/digital?”

No. Feel free to work in whatever medium you are most comfortable with. However, do note that all submissions have to be done digitally. No physical submissions can be accepted.


What does ‘300DPI or higher resolution’ mean?”

This means that when you scan your artwork, make sure to scan it at 300dpi or higher. You have spent hours on hours on your artwork, it would be tragic if the viewer is not able to view it in its full glory because of a bad scan.


What is the difference between a graphic novel, a limited series and an on-going series?”

A graphic novel is a novel in comic-strip format. A limited series refers to a comic book a series intended to end after a certain number of issue. Ongoing series is used to describe a series which has an unknown number of future issues.


What is a mock-up cover?”

This refers to a cover for your comic. It should include art that represents the contents as well as a title/logo of your comic.


What does fully inked and lettered sequential pages mean?”

All submitted pages must have completed art and text. Sequential pages would refer to pages that run in a continuous sequence. E.g. Pages 5, 6 and 7. It is not necessary to submit the first 3-5 pages of your comic. Pick 3-5 continuous pages that best reflect your comic.


What do you mean by spoiler?”

If you have any major twists or reveals in your story, make sure to include them in your proposal. This helps our committee to understand where your story is headed.


Can I make more than 1 submission?”

Yes. The more the merrier! You will need to fill up 1 entry form per submission. This is to avoid any kind of mix-up.


Can I submit a fully completed graphic novel?”

Yes. 3-5 pages is the minimum number of pages to be submitted. You are allowed to submit more pages if you have them.