Work In Progress programme

The “Work in Progress” programme is Singapore Comic Con’s way of helping aspiring creators and art students on their journey to becoming professionals in the field, thus fostering the next generation of creators in the region.

SGCC will do an open call-for-submission from schools, educational institutions and the general public. The call will be for interested creators to submit a proposal through SGCC, which will then be vetted by participating publishers, who will provide review notes.

If any proposals are of high interest, SGCC will arrange for a meet-up between publisher and creator(s) during SGCC. If any project is successful matched, updates (e.g. completed comic, previews) will be presented at the next edition of SGCC. 

Creators' Submissions from WIP 2019

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Demon to Rely On by Elizabeth Kok 

I Am Wildcard, Written and created by JV Tanhuatco, Illustrated and co-created by Roy Martinez

Robot Party by Jamie Jamandre

Sunken Haven by Travis Fam

Super Fake by Samara Gan

The Adventures of Nic and Ira by Retwick Roy and Riddhi Trivedi

The Unethical Tale by Shirin Rafie

Participating Publishers in WIP 2019

The Creative Space

The Creative Space is a closed door area on the Singapore Comic Con showfloor where industry professionals hold knowledge sharing sessions. These sessions are there to help equip aspiring creators with the knowledge on how to take the first or next steps to make it to market. 

The Creative Space at SGCC2019, featured a special preview of Koh Hong Teng’s The Assassins

Greg Capullo walks us through his thought process behind some of his most iconic images

David Mack talks of the importance of storytelling through images 

Invaluable advice given during the 2019 W.I.P Publishers panel discussion

Mickey Lin giving us his tips on writing for different formats

Donny Cates on secrets to writing compelling comics

Co-founder and Creative Director of Kinetiquettes, Adeeb Md shares his origin story

The Rolling Ronins talk about making comics on your own without a publisher

Artist Alley

Artist Alley is one of the most vibrant areas in Singapore Comic Con where budding and professional creators display and sell their creative artworks and products to reach out to various group of audiences. Different booth sizes and furnishing are presented to suit different creators’ needs. It can be extremely fun but intimidating, especially if you’re relatively new to this, so here are a few tips to make your experience a success.


Everybody loves a freebie and they’re a great way to attract people to your table and check out your stuff. Freebies don’t have to be expensive – it can be as simple as a small postcard with your prints and details (IG handle or Etsy link) on it. Though you might not make an immediate sale, people will be able to check out your work later on. Clearly label your freebie container so people know that it’s something they can take.

Label Prices Clearly

Most people don’t like to ask about pricing and chances are you’re losing out on sales by not putting it out there. When somebody doesn’t see a price tag, they might automatically assume that a) your item could be really expensive or b) you’re sussing out how much they can afford and quoting different prices to different people. So put a price tag on everything – be it individual costings or discounts for bulk purchases.

Smile & Greet People

A simple “Hi!” does wonders to someone who’s poking around your table. Making eye contact and smiling let customers know that you’ve noticed them and are available to help if needed.

If you feel bold, compliment them on their t-shirt (hey, cool Batman tee!) or cosplay, and offer them a freebie while you’re at it.

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