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Esports Entertainment Asia

Esports Entertainment Asia

Esports Entertainment Asia (EEA) is a Singapore-based company set up in 2019 with the bold vision to build a comprehensive ecosystem for esports in Singapore and the Asia region. Leveraging strong capabilities and strategic partnerships in the esports industry and beyond, EEA plans to execute its vision of building a solid ecosystem for esports through 4 key thrusts over the next few years:

Organise world-class esports events and competitions (like the Asia Esports Festival) across Asia;

Develop esports entertainment venues across Asia's gateway cities with the launch of the Esports Entertainment Asia Venue Fund;

Build a Pan-Asia social platform for esports enthusiasts to network and build their own communities to exchange ideas and experiences;

Nurture talents to meet the needs of the esports industry by setting up a training academy.

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