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Content creators, influencers and digital stars. Creators Con is where it’s at! Learn to create your own content, connect with your favourites and celebrate the digital universe you love!

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About creators con

Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) is proud to introduce "Creators Con," a groundbreaking initiative designed to provide a dedicated space for content creators to connect, share their experiences, and inspire the next generation of creators. Creators Con is set to become the hub of creativity, where creators and fans from diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate their passion.


Sharing Experiences

 Creators will be sharing their journey, insights, and creative processes. This is the place to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Collaboration Opportunities

Creators Con provides a platform for individuals from various creative fields to collaborate and bring new, exciting projects to life.

Fan Interaction

This is your chance to meet your favourite content creators, attend Q&A sessions, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the work that goes into creating the digital content you love.



Empowering Creativity: Creators Con empowers individuals to express themselves through their passions and encourages them to embrace their creative side.


Diversity and Inclusivity: SGCC believes in celebrating diversity in all its forms. Creators Con welcomes creators from different backgrounds, genders, and age groups, ensuring that the creative community is inclusive and representative of all.


Fostering Innovation: Collaboration often sparks innovation. Creators Con seeks to break down barriers and create a fertile ground for innovative, cross-disciplinary projects.


CREATORS CON highlight 2023

Dive into panel discussions where minds collide, groove to the beats of sensational music performances, and witness a gastronomic showdown in our legendary food challenge. Creators from across Southeast Asia unite for an explosion of talent and inspiration. Brace yourself for a kaleidoscope of creativity at Creators Con!



Creators Con is more than an event; it's a movement. SGCC invites content creators, fans, and anyone with a passion for digital creativity to join this exciting initiative. The success of Creators Con depends on the collective energy and enthusiasm of the community.

Stay updated on all the latest news and announcements by following SGCC's website and social media channels. Join us in making Creators Con a hub of creativity, collaboration, and inspiration. It's time to create, connect and celebrate! 

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