What is SGCC Online?

SGCC Online is Singapore Comic Con’s FREE virtual event for 2021. Running from 3 December 2021 to 2 January 2022, it’ll feature guest creators, gaming tournaments, the WIP Programme gallery, exclusive merchandise drops and more! All videos will be available on SGCC Online through till 2 January 2022

What is SGCC E-Mall?

SGCC E-Mall on Shopee is the go to place for all our exhibitor’s merchandise. With special promos and discounts throughout the month, there is something for everyone.

Is SGCC Online free?

Yes, SGCC Online is completely free! Just register for an account to gain access to all the content.

When is SGCC 2021?

SGCC Online and SGCC E-Mall on Shopee will run from 3 December 2021 to 2 January 2022.

When can I access SGCC Online?

You’ll be able to log onto SGCC Online starting from 3 December 2021 till 2 January 2022.

How do I create an account for SGCC Online?

You can pre-register for an account via Singapore Comic Con’s website. Pre-registration will open very soon. Stay updated by signing up for our newsletter, or follow us on social media @sgcomiccon.

How do I access SGG Online and SGCC E-Mall?

Both SGCC Online and SGCC E-Mall can be accessed via links on Singapore Comic Con’s website. These links will go live on 3 December 2021.

Can I access SGCC E-Mall from outside of Singapore?

SGCC E-Mall is hosted on Shopee Singapore. You can access it globally, but products purchased via Shopee’s Singapore app or website can only be delivered to local addresses.

Can I access SGCC Online from outside of Singapore?

Yes! SGCC Online will be available globally.

Any other special SGCC 2021 exclusive?

Yes! There’ll be a very exclusive SGCC variant cover for House of Slaughter #1. Only available for purchase via SGCC Online at SGD70

Are there any goodie bags for purchase?

Yes! A special goodie bag will be available for purchase on SGCC Online at SGD5. It comes with special discount codes for use on SGCC E-Mall.

How long is the SGCC Online content available for access?

Segments are available on demand still the end of SGCC Online (2 Jan), once it has been released on our virtual stage.

Where can I find the programme schedule for SGCC Online?

The full programme schedule will be released on Singapore Comic Con’s website. Stay tuned for details.

Who are the guest at SGCC 2021?

Stay tuned for updates.

Can I interact with other fans?

You’ll be able to chat with other fans on SGCC Online. Remember, be nice!

SGCC Online and
SGCC E-Mall on Shopee