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*Space is limited in The W.I.P. Lab. So make sure you register!*




The W.I.P. Programme Meet The Judges

The creators behind the top 3 submissions from SGCC 2023's W.I.P. Programme Comic Submission, come face to face with the representatives from the judging publishers/companies. Come learn a little bit more about what publishers and media companies look for. You might pick up some tips for your own submission.


When All Hell Breaks Loose In The Classroom, Let’s Go MAD!

Hell is usually a taboo topic in the classroom, but not in this special collaboration between Johnny Lau and the Singapore Polytechnic MAD School! Learn about how students from a variety of creative backgrounds came together to breathe new life into the Chinese myth of the 18 levels of Hell... and survived!


Designing For Entertainment

Ever wondered how your favourite video game characters or immersive world-building in movies come to life? Join Kingston and Tonia in ‘Designing for Entertainment’ and explore a career of creative problem solving with Concept Art.


Local Voices, Independent Choices: Comics Publishing In Singapore

Calling all comic enthusiasts! Ever wondered what it takes to publish comics independently in Singapore? Take a peek behind the scenes with four home-grown comic publishers, Asiapac Books, Difference Engine, Epigram Books, and CS Comics. Hear from them as they reveal the unseen challenges and rewards of pursuing comics in Singapore, shed light on how far our comics industry has come, and explore the promising horizons for Singaporean comics. Celebrate local comics with us as we talk to the diverse voices and independent spirits that bring our comics community to life.


Bluey: From Script To Screen

Join Claire Renton, Animation Director from Ludo Studio, as she takes audiences on a script-to-screen walk through of what it’s like to produce an episode of the much-loved and award-winning children’s series Bluey. Claire shares her personal experience working on developing the script and subsequently leading the animation for an episode, the ethos of the show and what makes it so special, as well as spotlighting areas of production audiences don’t get a chance to see.


Crisis On Infinity Comic Book Stores - A fireside Chat With Ben Abernathy

Join Ben Abernathy, veteran comic book professional and current Executive Editor at DC Comics as he speaks with Leslie Lee on the challenges and opportunities facing the comic book industry today! Get the low down and join the discussion in this thought provoking and must see chat!


Enamel Pin Basics: A Pinlord Masterclass On Design, Manufacturing Selection,

And Pin Sales Success

Join us for a special masterclass where you'll not only learn the basics of designing awesome pins but also discover the art of choosing the perfect manufacturer and the secrets to rocking pin sales. Pinlord, our expert buddy in all things enamel, will share tips, tricks, and loads of enthusiasm to help you turn your creative ideas into a pin-tastic success story. It's a fun and friendly session that promises to make the world of enamel pins feel like your creative playground.

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