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To support our Fan-tastic Community and their passion, we will be giving our fan groups a chance to take over a booth of their own, at SGCC 2024! Here’s your chance to share your fandom with all our fans! 

Application ends on 20 August 2024, 2359


There are some strict, overcomplicated, wordy criteria specific to the Fan-tastic Community Booth application.

  1. Provide your Official Fan Group Name

  2. Provide an engaging feature for SGCC fans outside of your community’s promotion.

  3. Provide what will be featured in your booth

  4. Be creative in showcasing your passion!

  5. Promote your attendance in SGCC 2024 to your community.

  6. A simple visualisation of how your booth would look like & no. of pax at your booth

  7. Your community’s participation in SGCC 2024 cannot be a for-profit organisation. 

  8. Last but not least, please provide a name and contact details.

Please take note:

Applications submitted by Fan Groups will be assessed and prioritised based on the level of engaging/interactive content proposed in the application.

Any changes to your application will be reviewed by the SGCC team, before any acceptance to the event.

Submitting an application does not guarantee a space at the event.

SGCC reserves the right to cancel or alter any space offer at any time, for any reason.

There will be no amendments after the application has been submitted.

Application ends on 20 August 2024, 2359.


Goodluck! We're here for you, so if you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email at

 Excelsior! - SGCC Team

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